What Can You Put in a Garden Shredder?

What Can You Put in a Garden Shredder?

What Can You Put in a Garden Shredder? Shredders are ideal for mulching smaller debris around your garden or yard. While wood chippers use fast-moving blades to chip away at wood, shredders are designed to crush and split small branches, as well as ‘wetter’ debris such as leafy wood and bushes. This allows the branches to rot down quickly. Stihl’s range of garden shredders provides options for everyone from domestic users to arborists.

What Can You Put in a Garden Shredder? More than Just Twigs and Branches!

Different shredders have different purposes. For example, some garden shredders are explicitly designed for leaves. Others specifically for wood. Some allow for a combination of either. In any case, the typical things that can be placed in a garden shredder (as opposed to a wood chipper) include twigs and branches, leaves and hedging, waste from vegetable growing, and general organic debris such as weeds and dead plants.

Different shredders also have different use cases. For example, the Stihl GHE 150 Electric Shredder is designed for smaller-scale at-home use for small to medium sizes gardens and yards. It can tackle typical household foliage from wide-ish branches to woody hedge cuttings with a maximum thickness of 35mm. You’re typically better off tackling more substantial wood with a wood chipper. Chippers are designed specifically for that task though they lack the ability to tackle other garden debris as these can result in blockages.

Shredders for Larger Jobs

On the other end of the spectrum, where professionals require greater power and speed, Stihl’s GH 460 C Shredder is a good option. It’s able to handle branches of a thickness up 75 millimetres. It packs a very powerful motor that can tackle both hard clippings and soft green ‘wet’ cuttings with ease. The 460 C Will break up and split any woody debris it is given within that size. This results in a much-reduced volume of waste that is much easier to store or dispose of. The shredded debris can also be used to improve soil structure and fertility. The mulch can also help to retain moisture and suppress weeds or provide an insulation layer during the winter months.

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