Tree Surgery Tools

Tree Surgery Tools

If you’re looking for tree surgery tools, we have one of the largest ranges of arborist equipment in Ireland. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we seek out the best quality items we can find for our customers. We’ve been in the business for long enough to know that it serves everyone to only stock and recommend the best tool for the job. Here are a few recommendations:

The Mini Root Assassin Shovel and Saw Combo

The Root Assassin Mini is a terrific tool for multiple jobs. It’s a sharp and narrow shovel with serrated edges. This makes it perfect for tackling all sorts of typical situations. Whether you’re digging up a root, paring back an overgrown area, or uncovering items during metal detection. The teeth can be sharpened if they become dull using a grinder or wheel. It has a .8 metre metal handle, and weighing just one kilogram it’s perfect for those long hours.

Tree Surgery Tools That Take a load off your arms

One of the biggest issues for professional tree surgeons and landscapers is having to handle heavy equipment for extended periods of time. Coupled with high levels of vibrations, you can end up with very uncomfortable numbness and strain on your wrists, arms and shoulders. To help combat this is the GTM Elephant Trunk Harness. This clever harness has a tall steel pole extending from your back and over your head. From this pole, you can suspend all sorts of heavy equipment that would normally be held for hours on end by your arm muscles. It can be used in many different situations, including on ladders with pole saws, hedge trimmers and other equipment. Place the hook near the centre of gravity of the equipment and you’ll be surprised at just how much more work you can get done more easily when the weight is distributed across your entire torso, not just your arms. If you cut hedges and trees for a living, this really is a great solution that can make your day much more efficient.

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