Tree Surgery Equipment: Where to Find It

Tree Surgery Equipment: Where to Find It

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a large range of tree surgery equipment. We have supported the arborist and forestry profession for years, so we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our site easier to navigate so that, should you need a particular item or type of gear, it should now be much faster to access. Whether you need tools or climbing equipment, it’s now much easier to find.

Tree Surgery Equipment

When it comes to tree surgery tools, it’s often about getting the best quality piece that’ll do as many jobs as possible. The first thing to come is always safety. Nobody wants to buy something that isn’t able to handle long hours in high-stress environments. We’ve got a solid range of rigging equipment that’ll help make sure that whatever needs to come down comes down in a controlled way. This includes one of the best ranges of lowering devices in Ireland, which come in all shapes and sizes. Including the excellent Ardpro LD1 Rigging Winch and the Treehog THLD5 3.0T lowering device, which is excellent and designed to handle almost every situation you’ll encounter.

Tree Felling

When it comes to tree felling equipment, whether you need a pole saw or something more heavy-duty, we have it. Stihl has an outstanding range that covers most situations. But one of the things Stihl does exceptionally well is professional-grade Forestry Saws. Their range covers the entire gamut to cover many of the situations you’ll encounter. On the lower end is the MS 194 T, a handy smaller chainsaw with an optional bar length of 12 or 14 inches. Weighing in at 3.3kg, it’s very light.

On the larger scale is the MS 881. This is the most powerful chainsaw available on the market, with a 6.4 kW engine. This is built for professional foresters and loggers and is suitable for the most extreme and demanding forestry work. You can fit it into a saw frame, and it has a 2-MIX engine ensuring long life. The blade comes in three different sizes, 30″, 36″ and 38″, ensuring the right size for almost any job.

If you have questions about anything on our range, you can always contact us directly on 021 4965 132.