Tree Climbing Equipment

Tree Climbing Equipment

Whether you’re a professional arborist or enjoy tree climbing as a sport, tree climbing equipment is essential to ensure a better and safer experience. Equipment comes in many shapes and forms; much of it is similar to other climbing equipment. The essential item for any tree-climbing is a quality climbing harness that supports your weight while hanging.


In the case of professionals, specific harnesses are required as they’re specially designed for hanging safely for more extended periods of time. For example, the Courant Koala V1.2 has thick supportive thigh padding for hanging at a height.


Naturally, any climbing requires climbing ropes. As with other climbing activities, they come in different sizes and fibres, which give you different qualities. For example, SRT rope or ropes with eyes.
You may also require slings and pulleys. A pulley can help lower loads from above. Whether it supports a person or a felled piece of lumbar, a pulley is a multi-use tool that every tree climber needs to learn how to use effectively and safely.

Tree Climbing Equipment: Carabiners

With any climbing assisted with equipment, you will require at least a couple of carabiners. These are essential tools for safety. When it comes to safety, a double-lock carabiner is necessary for anything bearing your weight. The best include auto-locks, screw-locks and other safety functions to reduce risk.


When working at a height, especially with a chainsaw, a lot can go wrong, and it’s essential to wear adequate protection at all times. A climbing helmet with a faceguard such as the Petzl Vertex Vent is the best suited for this kind of work.


To help you set up a rope at height, you may require a throwline. For most professionals, this is an essential piece of kit. These have a weight attached to a rope that is thrown to your target area to attach a supportive line. This can include pulleys and other pieces of equipment. No tree climber’s equipment is complete without rescue equipment. Professionalism is about being prepared for any eventually. Consider what can go wrong out on the field and plan accordingly.

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