The Right Gear for the Climb

The Right Gear for the Climb

Whether you’re climbing trees for work or climbing cliffs for sport, the equipment can overlap, with, of course, some considerations for the differences in height and requirements for technique. We provide climbing equipment to Ireland, focusing on the best hardware for those working day-in and day out.

The Right Gear for the Climb: How Vertical Are You Going?

For professional arborists, you may not have as much of a vertical climb as a rock climber. This relieves arborists, to some degree, of the consideration for energy efficiency. But not completely. Because while a rock climber might have on large face to surmount, a professional tree surgeon may be on the job — and multiple trees — for the whole day.

A Basic Tree Ascent

For basic tree ascents, you may only need minimal climbing hardware. If the tree isn’t too high, you can throw your rope bundle from the ground. And from thee, you might want to take a few extra karabiners and a throwbag in case you need to get an extra bit of distance with your rope and you need the weight.


If you’re rock climbing, there’s a possibility you may need to climb above your tie-in point. This is less likely to happen with an arborist, and so you don’t need to go with the springier ropes that are designed to soften the sudden tension when you fall, but the downside is they are energy-consuming to use during a climb. As an arborist, you’re likely going to be doing more hanging around, and so a great quality climbing harness that supports you comfortably can make a huge difference by the end of the day.

The Right Gear for the Climb: Friction Devices

A Friction Device to ease the journey back down requires a bit more consideration when you’re rock climbing. After all, you have to adjust for rope weight as you traverse. Of course, this is less of an issue on a tree. But you’re still going to want a way to control your descent, and the range of models we have are some of the best on the market, with sturdy, robust and clever designs that take some of the fuss out of securing your line.

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