What Are The Best Rigging Kits for Arborists?

What Are The Best Rigging Kits for Arborists?

What are the best rigging kits for arborists? As an arborist, you need reliable and durable rigging equipment that can withstand the demands of the profession. With countless options on the market, it can be challenging to find good that meets your specific needs. Below are some good options from our stock of rigging gear that offer a balance of strength, safety, and affordability.

Stein Rigging Kits for Arborists

Stein provides excellent gear for tree rigging professionals. It includes the Stein Stainless Steel Rigging Pulley, known for its 100 kN minimum breaking strength and lightweight design. Stein also provides slings, carabiners, and a rigging rope, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful job.

ISC’s Hot Forged Pulleys

The ISC Hot Forged Pulley Rigging Kit includes the ISC Small, which boasts a 100 kN minimum breaking strength and a compact, lightweight design. This kit also includes a high-quality rigging rope, slings, and carabiners. With its hot forging technology and adherence to EN12278:2007* standards, this rigging kit ensures both strength and safety for arborists.

ISC Mini

If you’re looking for a compact yet robust rigging kit, the ISC Mini is an ideal choice. Weighing only a third of the weight of the small, it still has an 85 kN minimum breaking strength. This kit perfect for arborists working in tight spaces or with weight constraints. The kit also includes a rigging rope, slings, and carabiners, all designed to provide maximum security and durability.

General Rigging Kits

For arborists with specific requirements, a custom rigging kit might be the best solution. You can handpick components like pulleys, ropes, slings, and karabiners from various trusted brands, ensuring that your rigging kit is tailored to your unique needs. This approach allows you to prioritize factors like strength, weight, and cost, creating a rigging kit that suits your professional demands.

Finding the right climbing equipment for your work is essential for safety and efficiency. If you are unsure about a particular brand, you have some questions, or need guidance in selecting the best rigging kit for your needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 021 4965132