Prioritise Safety: Essential Chainsaw Safety Gear for Arborists

Prioritise Safety: Essential Chainsaw Safety Gear for Arborists

For arborists and tree surgeons whose work involves navigating dense forests and canopies, risks are part of the job. High quality safety gear is an absolute necessity, so in this blog we’ll be outlining essential safety gear for arborists, all of which can be found in our store or online at

Reinforced Gear — The First Line of Defense

One small mistake with a chainsaw can result in very serious injuries. Should emergencies happen, your gear can be the difference between a small mishap or a critical injury.

Hard hats with visors and earmuffs shield your senses from high decibel levels, glare, and falling debris. Chainsaw boots with a deep thread for stability on uneven terrain and a puncture-resistant shell around the toes are equally vital.

Protect Your Hearing and Sight

The noise produced by chainsaws and other machinery can be so loud it causes irreversible hearing damage. Therefore it’s vitally important to carry earplugs or earmuffs with a high noise reduction rating (NRR). When worn with an adequate hardhat, your head and its senses are adequately protected.

In addition, all that sawing and cutting produces a lot of sawdust and wood chips, which you certainly don’t want ending up in your eyes or mouth. Choose a visor with a clear anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating. 

Proper Protection for Every Scenario

When working with unstable, uprooted trees, debris can be dangerously unpredictable. A face shield is absolutely essential as well as a full body safety harness with good fall arrest capabilities in the event of a fall at a height. 

Controlled ascent and descent are made possible by rope systems and spurs for tree climbing, and arborists with a diverse range of climbing equipment are more capable of meeting the demands of their line of work without sacrificing safety.


When it comes to working in the trees as an arborist, productivity and efficiency are important but safety is sacred above all else. Ensure that you and your team are properly equipped before it's too late. If you have any questions about arborist gear or need to talk to an expert, make sure you call into our store in Frankfield