One of the Biggest Chainsaw Suppliers in Cork

One of the Biggest Chainsaw Suppliers in Cork

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we are one of the biggest chainsaw suppliers in Cork. We have an extensive range of saws for both professional and domestic uses, as well as a few that walk a line between the two worlds. Let’s take a look at all three categories and see what we have on offer. We are Stihl distributors and we recommend these products for a very good reason – they’re incredibly efficient and reliable.

Agricultural / Landscapers Saws

We have one of the best ranges of Stihl Landscapers Saws in Cork. Whether it’s for cutting firewood or for timber, chainsaws such as Stihl’s MS 251 do a great job. With high torque and an easy start, you can get the job done quickly, effectively, and with minimal downtime. These machines are built for sustained periods of work without interruption, with engine technology that cuts down fuel consumption by 20%, giving you more time to focus on the job. These engines also reduce emissions by 70% compared with Stihl’s older 2-stroke engine with the same power output but without the innovative ‘2-MIX technology’.

Domestic Chainsaws

Whether you just need something to keep things well-pruned, or a powerhouse that’ll handle large amounts of dense wooded areas, our range of Stihl domestic chainsaws are a great choice for those of us who will not be using the equipment on a long-term basis. These chainsaws can handle the rough and tumble, with great durability and performance but without the cost of a professional level machine.

Professional Chainsaw Suppliers in Cork

If you’re looking for professional forestry chainsaw in Cork, we have Stihls excellent machines in this category, including the entry-level Stihl MS 194 T and going up through the range, with larger saws, more powerful engines, and other bells and whistles, until we get the to Stihl MS 881. This is a powerhouse built for constant use by professionals in the forestry industry. It can handle continuous use in the most demanding conditions, day in and day out.

As with all chainsaw equipment, proper training and protective clothing is required for all users at all times. These are potentially dangerous pieces of machinery with a very high rate of serious injuries. Always ensure you have protective chainsaw gear on when using these machines. If you have any other questions call us today on 021-496 51 32