Ireland's Forestry Equipment Supplier – Quality Products

Ireland's Forestry Equipment Supplier – Quality Products

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we aim to become Ireland’s leading online forestry equipment supplier. To achieve this, we’ve built an extensive range of proven products based on the feedback of professionals working in the field. Whether you’re hunting for chainsaws, climbing gear or PPE, we provide a range that should cover all needs. We’ve kept our range as simple as possible – rather than trying to offer everything, we’ve selected the best in each class.

The Stihl Chainsaw range

With options ranging from small property maintenance saws to full-scale lumber and forestry saws, we’ve got every need covered. We’ve stuck with Stihl for many of our ranges and this goes doubly for chainsaws. Their products are outstanding, and having just one range makes for easier decision-making when selecting the right machine for a given task.

Climbing and Rigging

Our forestry equipment supplies include a complete range of harnesses for every professional situation. For basic needs, the Petzl NEWTON Harness is a cost-effective, safe option. When you need to do suspension work for longer periods, a high-quality saddle harness such as the Teufelberger treeMOTION Pro offers unrivalled support and comfort, reducing the blood flow restriction that can cause discomfort, numbness and other issues when working at height. We also supply rigging equipment such as lowering ropes, rigging bags, and hardware like karabiners, pulleys, and rigging plates.

Ireland’s Forestry Equipment Supplier: PPE Gear

If you’re an arborist working with hazardous machinery, having appropriate forestry PPE can be a matter of life and death. When operating machinery at height, your protection is only as good as your least protected part. We offer head-to-toe protection, including chainsaw footwear, trousers, gloves, and headgear, plus all-weather overalls, high-visibility t-shirts, and jackets. We also provide essential ear and eye protection.

First Aid and Safety

Unfortunate events happen. Being able to respond immediately to an emergency situation involving chainsaws and other forestry machinery saves lives. We stock a variety of first aid kits, from the basics to bleed control kits that can control severe haemorrhages.

General Forestry Equipment

For smaller manual tasks, we offer axes, mauls, and hatchets. Log holders, felling levers, and the famous GTM Elephant Trunk harness. We also provide signage to warn oncoming traffic about roadside work in progress.

If you have any questions or feedback about our range of forestry equipment, you can always call us on (0)21 496 51 32