Beating Heat When Working Outdoors

Beating Heat When Working Outdoors

Strong heat when working outdoors can be a real pain point for us here in Ireland. We usually don’t have the equipment or the physical adaptations to handle the more extreme temperatures. In the hotter summer months, your usual Personal Protective Equipment can be very uncomfortable and bring its own range of unpleasant issues. Here are a few tips to keep things comfortable when you’re in the thick of it.

Drinking Fluids

Yeah, we all know we’re supposed to drink more water. But keep in mind that most people are already dehydrated before they start work. So you might not notice the effects, especially if you’re used to them. We like to have a few cups of tea before we get started on something, but more often than not, you should start your day with water and have the tea afterwards. And make sure you have water with you during work. Since when you’re exerting quite a lot, your body will be losing electrolytes, so you can add a few grains of salt into the water to keep things working as they should. If you do this, you may notice a drastic change in your levels of fatigue and focus. These are essential when working with potentially dangerous machinery such as chainsaws, so don’t dismiss drinking water.

Heat When Working Outdoors: Scheduling

Desert-based armed forces routinely practice water drinking with the entire squad. Every 30 minutes (or less depending on how hot it is), they group together, raise their flasks and drink. This prevents someone from accidentally forgetting, which can lead to sunstroke. We may not be in the desert, but if you’re working hard and sweating in the heat, your body will rapidly lose liquids. Setting a reminder is the best way to ensure you keep your focus and get the job done without fatigue or risks.

Rotating Clothing and Equipment

Whether you’re a tree surgeon or a landscaper, you’re going to be outside. Hygiene is a factor, and when you have a more forward-facing role with clients, you don’t want to smell too badly! To maintain good hygiene, it’s important to rotate clothing, including PPE, during your workweek.

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