Getting the Axe

Getting the Axe

Whether you’re an arborist who is working day-to-day in the lumbar industry or a homeowner who needs to keep things tidy during the spring and summer growing months, or you need to cut wood for your stove or fire, an axe is an indispensable, simple tool that helps you get the job done. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we supply one of Ireland’s most comprehensive ranges of axes, hatchets, and mauls. We have the right tool to help you out no matter the job at hand.

Getting the Axe: For general jobs

A general-purpose hand axe is precisely that. It’ll help you whether you’re chopping wood, trimming overgrowth, or anything in between. The Bison Universal Hatchet is a sturdy, well-weighted german-crafted axe that is ergonomically designed for extended use. Bison’s 70cm hatchet is also an excellent option for when you need more power.

Stihl’s AX 28 CS Cleaving Axe has an 80cm handle and weighs 2.8kg. When it comes to cleaving, this is a solid tool for lighter to medium splitting jobs. Bison provides a similar tool for similar jobs, with its Bison 80cm 2.2kg splitting axe. Both of these are excellent tools for the same type of work, and the choice is really down to your preferences for brand and feel.

Cleaving Hammers

Stihl and Bison also provide cleaving/splitting hammers. You have the choice of Stihl’s AX 33 CS on the one hand, and Bison’s 850mm 3kg Splitting Hammer maul on the other. Either of these will chew into the thickest and longest pieces of wood. Functioning also as a wedge hammer, it can be used to drive a wedge into the wood to help ensure a clean split no matter what size the wood.

Of course, an axe is just part of the arsenal needed for heavy-duty work. We also provide forestry equipment that can be used in conjunction. We have everything from marketing paint to plastic wedges, bush hooks and felling levers. If you need a sawhorse, we recommend the Logosol smart holder. 80% of all chainsaw accidents occur due to wood shifting while you work. The sawhorse keeps everything stable and at a safe working height to reduce the risk of injury at work.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132