Forestry Equipment Suppliers

Forestry Equipment Suppliers

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we’re one of Ireland’s biggest forestry equipment suppliers. When it comes to the high risks of physically demanding forestry work, there’s no room for unreliable equipment. We provide reliable, durable, and high-performing gear that won’t let you down. You can view our full range of forestry equipment supplies or read on for an overview.

Forestry Equipment Suppliers: Chainsaws

When it comes to cutting through timber, don’t settle for anything less than the best. We offer a wide selection of Stihl Chainsaws. Stihl have stood the test of time, continuously producing durable and powerful machinery. If you need an axe or a maul for those smaller tasks, we also offer log holders and felling levers to assist with your job.

Climbing Gear Essentials

A proper harness will make all the difference during strenuous work at height. The CT Work Tec Fall Arrest Harness offers affordability and safety. But if you’re spending extended periods suspended, it’s worth investing in a quality saddle harness like the Teufelberger treeMOTION Pro. Having greater comfort and freedom of movement makes all the difference.

Rigging Gear

Rigging is an integral part of climbing and working at heights. We supply a range of ropes, slings, and rigging hardware. Whether it’s karabiners, pulleys, or rigging plates, we’ve got your lifting and lowering needs sorted. A good quality rigging bag is also handy to keep your gear organised.

PPE Safety Gear

More than a ‘good to have’, PPE Gear it’s a necessity. From Chainsaw boots and trousers to gloves and head protection, we offer full-body safety gear for arborists. Add to this our range of high-visibility t-shirts and all-weather jackets, and you’re equipped for any situation.

Emergency Kits

We offer first aid kits tailored for forestry, including specialised bleed control kits for severe injuries. Always use road signs to alert traffic to your presence to keep you and other road users safe.

If you have any questions, you can always give us a ring on 021 4965132.