Finding the Right Chainsaw

Finding the right chainsaw is all about being clear what your needs and requirements are. We have a full range of chainsaws for everyone from professional landscapers and arborists to domestic users who needs a good chainsaw for small jobs around the house.

Finding the Right Chainsaw: Battery-powered chainsaws

A battery-powered chainsaw is suitable for smaller tasks around the home. Their light weight makes them convenient and portable for everyone, including people with reduced mobility. They trade weight and usability for power and longevity. Most electric chainsaws will have a relatively short period of time on each battery charge. But this should be more than enough for tasks such as pruning, trimming, and cutting small trees. Other benefits are that they’re quieter and produce fewer emissions. They are also easy to start, require little maintenance, and are suitable for use in residential areas where noise restrictions may apply.

Property Maintenance Saws

Domestic or property maintenance chainsaws are for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who need a tool for light to medium-duty tasks. They have more power than most battery-powered chainsaws making them more able for thicker and harder wood. They’re ideal for domestic tasks like trimming, pruning, and cutting firewood. They have shorter blade lengths than most professional saws and with only the features likely to need, they are more affordable than landscaping or forestry chainsaws.

Agriculture / Landscaper saws

Agriculture and landscaper chainsaws are used for tasks such as clearing land as well as trimming bushes and hedges. These chainsaws are more powerful than property maintenance saws and are built for extended periods of heavy use. They have some overlap with property maintenance saws with a variety of power levels and blade lengths.

Forestry saws

Forestry chainsaws are the most powerful chainsaws on the market. They have extra-long blades designed for use by professional loggers and forestry workers. They are used to fell the largest, thickest trees as well as cutting logs. Forestry chainsaws are always petrol-powered since fossil fuels are the most energy dense form of fuel have which allows the saw to work for hours at a time without a break. These saws are equipped with anti-vibration features to help reduce repetitive strain injuries and chain brakes to prevent accidents and injuries.