Essential Arborists Equipment

Essential Arborists Equipment

As one of the most dangerous professions, arborists must rely on the highest quality gear to ensure they can complete their work on time, efficiently and safely. Here’s our list of Essential Arborists’ Equipment. We have provided Irish arborists with the equipment they need to get the job done. Here are a few of the essential pieces of equipment every arborist needs.

Climbing Harnesses

A high-quality climbing harness is critical for ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions. We have one of the best ranges of Climbing harnesses in Ireland.

Essential Arborists Equipment: Ropes

Climbing Ropes and cords, lanyards and flip lines. Throwlines and slings. Whatever it is you need, we provide the climbing equipment necessary.

We also provide a comprehensive range of SRT gear, including ascenders, anchors, foot loops and tethers. Everything you need to get your job done effectively.

Essential Arborists Equipment: Rigging

We have worked with tree surgeons and arborists for years, listening to their needs, learning about the market, and ensuring that we were able to provide only the best equipment for our customers. We provide excellent gear, such as Stein and Notch lowering devices suitable for the most extreme loads.

Of course, no set of equipment would be complete without the most basic of the basic. Rigging hardware such as karabs, pulleys and rigging plates help ensure safety and security. Whether you need to support your own weight or hold your tools, having a solid set of karabiners at the ready is always a no-brainer.

Tools for the Job

Once you’ve got your rigging and safety equipment set up, the job at hand requires solid tools that will do the work for you—starting with the basics like axes, mauls and hatchets and working up to machinery such as chainsaws.


Having an appropriate forestry chainsaw can help ensure safety and efficiency. If your saw’s blade is too long, it can be dangerous when you climb. We provide a range of Stihl pro-level chainsaws that give you a range of options for different use cases and conditions. This ensures you always have the right combination of efficiency in blade length, power, and handling.

If you have any questions about our range of essential arborist equipment we’re always happy to assist. You can give us a call on 021-496 51 32