The Elephant Trunk Harness

The Elephant Trunk Harness

The Elephant Trunk Harness is a great product designed for professional landscapers and those who spend a lot of time with a hedge trimmer. One of the biggest issues with any power tool – and in particular cutting tools – is that you have to hold them for prolonged periods of time away from the body. This means you are supporting the machinery on your arm muscles, which are prone to fatigue, strain and other issues. We stock the GTM Elephant Trunk 2 Harness, which is also available to order online. Here’s a little more about it.

The Elephant Trunk Harness

The harness has a lot of padding and adjustability, with a waist strap which distributes the strain on your skeletal structure and core muscles. It has shoulder straps that allow it to be worn like a backpack. The pole arches from behind your back to over your head. Inside the pole is a steel cable. The cable runs allong ball bearings in the adjustable tube. The cable allows you to suspend your hedge trimmer or other trimming tools in front of your body. The pole can rotate about 20 degrees to either side so that as you’re passing the trimmer you can keep it to one side of your body a bit. This allows you to work faster, more accurately, with greater safety and comfort.

In Use

As you work, the trunk harness will take all the weight of the tool. The height is adjustable, so you just need to use your hands to guide it. This will save your neck and shoulders from a lot of strain and tension. If you’ve worked in the field for a long time, you’ll wish you had one of these years ago! It takes all the strain away and is compatible with most Stihl Hedgetrimmers and many other tools.

GTM Elephant Trunk 2: High-Quality Design

This is the second iteration of the GTM Elephant Trunk. The new model has an improved high-quality balancer which you mount on your lower back. This prevents the steel cable and spring from wearing. The GTM Elephant trunk will give you many hundreds of hours of use.

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