Climbing Equipment for Arborists

Climbing Equipment for Arborists

It’s essential to have good quality climbing equipment for professional arborists. If you’re working in forestry, you already know all about the risks and demands of your work environment. We provide all the climbing equipment you need to work day in and day out as safely and as comfortably as possible. Here’s an overview of our products.

Climbing Ropes and Harnesses

A climbing rope needs to be strong and durable. The Yale XTC Plus Climbing Rope is a good example, with a high-strength nylon blend giving it excellent resistance to abrasions and tears. They also come in different thicknesses. Climbing ropes all fall under specific regulations. Arborist’s climbing harnesses tend to be heavier than regular climbing harnesses as they need to support added weight for equipment. They’re also built for suspension from height for longer periods of time. This raises an important question of comfort. This is both a personal thing and also dependent on the quality of the product. A harness with more padding that more fully spreads forces across the more solid parts of your body, such as the and thighs pelvis, will give you more comfort. The Teufelberger treeMOTION Pro is a top pick for professionals. It has really wide thigh supports and pelvic support to comfortably distribute the load for hours on end. The Treehog TH5000 is half the price but also offers padding and thickness as well as quick-to-remove waste and leg loops.

Climbing Equipment for Arborists

Ascenders, descenders, mechanical friction devices, are all available with many different types. We also stock climbing spikes, lanyards, swivels, slings, tool strops, pulleys, as well as things to get you started on your climb like a throw line, and gear to keep you from making up and down trips, like high quality storage bags. And of course, you can never have enough karabs and connectors.


In the world of arboriculture, safety is paramount. Just a momentary lapse in concentration, a brief distraction, can be all it takes to lose a limb as a professional arborist.We provide all the arborist PPE you need you need to stay safe at work. From head to toe. Most crucially we provide chainsaw footwear, gloves and chainsaw trousers.

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