Chainsaw Trousers Ireland

Chainsaw Trousers Ireland

We provide one of the largest ranges of Chainsaw Trousers in Ireland. All with free and fast delivery for purchases over €60. Chainsaw PPE is essential for anyone operating a chainsaw. It only takes a split-second for life-changing injuries to occur. The best way we can protect ourselves from this is by wearing appropriate gear that helps prevent injuries. The best chainsaw pants will help to deflect the teeth of chainsaws in critical areas and provide a few crucial moments of time to react in moments when you may lose control of the chainsaw.

Chainsaw Trousers Ireland

We provide all forms of chainsaw pants designed for different use cases and scenarios, including front and all-round protection. We also supply non-protective gear though we do not recommend this for anyone actively using a chainsaw.

Type A (Front Protection)

Type A Chainsaw Pants protect you from any glances of an active blade that come at you from the front of your torso. The entry-level type A chainsaw is the SIP Basepro Class 1 Type A. Costing only €75, it provides basic protection which is best suited for occasional chainsaw use. A more mid-range option is the Arbortec Breatheflex trousers. These provide good abrasion resistance while staying lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

Type C (All-round Protection)

If you’re working on the job full-time, it always pays to invest in the best quality PPE that you know will protect you from the most possible occurrences of injury. It’s worth investing in all-around protection. The SIP Innovation Canopy W-Air Type C is a lightweight trouser which guards against chainsaws at speeds of up to 20 metres per second, providing protection around all parts of your legs. Another premium option is the Pfanner Ventilation Chainsaw Trousers Type C. These are great for warmer conditions with 25% lighter materials to maximise ventilation. which still provides class 1 protection against chainsaws. The Arbortec Breatheflex Pro Type C Class 1 may be a good option for an all-rounder trouser with added functionality. This provides strong tool-carrying loops for equipment and a great six-way stretch design to help reduce wear and tear.

If you have any questions about our range of products, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132