Chainsaw Safety Gear

Chainsaw Safety Gear

Chainsaw safety gear is essential for anyone doing any kind of work with a chainsaw. Whether you’re on the farm, the field or the forest. We’ve been working in the business for decades and have seen thousands of chainsaws. The one thing that never failed to shock us was the attitude the general public has in buying any chainsaw safety equipment.

What do you need?

Whether you’re just doing a bit of work or you’re a professional, you need pair of chainsaw wellingtons or chainsaw boots, protective goggles, gloves and helmet and ear defenders and safety pants. Most tree surgeons make their living from using chainsaws will have every piece of equipment. But those who buy a chainsaw for home use rarely use it. If you’re using a chainsaw you should have a mobile phone on you at all times. If you run into a problem at least you can call for help.Chainsaws can throw out sharp splinters of timber. Those splinters can hit your eyes. Protective goggles are self-explanatory.

Nobody who is only doing a quick bit of work wants to spend 300-500 euro on chainsaw footwear. But they have built-in protection on the sides, front and tongue area. Steel toe-cap boots are fine if the chainsaw hits your toes. but what if the blade sinks in anywhere else on your foot? Chainsaw wellies are affordable and have built in protection on the front and sides. They’re cost-effective. They could save your life. Gloves offer protection and help give you grip if you’re reaching down to pick or stabilise a bit of timber.

The danger in forestry is things falling from above.

The Stihl chainsaw helmet also has a grill to prevent shards from ending up in your eyes or face. Chainsaw pants are literally a lifesaver. We’ve seen professionals with terrible injuries. It just takes one lapse of attention to losing a limb. And chainsaws all have one thing in common. They have a sharp blade. A top-end chainsaw and a low-end chainsaw can both deliver horrific injuries if you’re not careful. People have accidents because they don’t learn how to sharpen their chainsaws. With a blunt instrument, you use too much force which means you are more at risk of losing your balance and having an injury. So make sure you get a proper sharpening file and learn how to use it. We’ll happily show you how to do it on the phone, call us, or watch our video that explains it all.

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