Chainsaw Protection

Chainsaw Protection

Chainsaw protection is a must. Whether you are doing some short work around the garden or you’re a professional landscaper or arborist, the right equipment will keep you safe.

Chainsaw Protection for the Legs

Hand-held chainsaws are one of the greatest causes of personal injuries. It just takes one mistake to cause a serious accident. The reason we have one of the largest inventories of chainsaw trousers in Ireland is that we understand their importance. The clothing you wear while operating a chainsaw can literally save life and limb. The European standards for leg protectors while operating a hand-held chainsaw is EN 381-5:1995. This has recently been replaced with EN ISO 11393-2:2019, and includes updated test methods for leg protectors. To meet these standards, the leg protectors should be designed to protect your legs from cuts with chainsaw speeds of up to 20 m/s. It does this through the use of a nylnet inner lining for comfort and protection with six layers of Dyneema yarn.

Engineered Materials That Are Stronger Than Steel

Engineered yarns are categorised by four main principles: Strength, Hardness, Lubricity and Rolling Action. The protection of an engineered yarn will depend on these four factors.

On a weight-to-strength ratio, kevlar material is five times stronger than steel. But kevlar has a low ‘lubricity score. This means that when the teeth of a chainsaw meet this material, they can find purchase and start cutting. With Dyneema, the material is smoother, offering less friction – so it takes longer for the chainsaw to cut through the material.

SIP Innovation II Type C Class 1 Trousers

In addition to using Dyneema layers for leg protection, the SIP Innovation II Type C Class 1 trousers also have a Teflon outer layer to help reduce initial friction. This is your first line of defence as it helps reduce the chance of a chainsaw getting a grip into the fabric. This low friction outer layer can give you time to react if there’s a moment of indirect contact with the saw’s blades.

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