Chainsaw Chains Ireland

Chainsaw Chains Ireland

At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a complete range of Stihl Chainsaw Chains with Ireland delivery. You can view our full range of chainsaw chains or read on to learn how to maintain your chain.

Getting the Right Chain

Stihl design each chainsaw to work with a different chain. You can identify them by Pitch, Chain Length, Gauge and File Size.

Chain Length

With most models, you can choose between a number of different-sized chains to suit different chainsaws.


The chain’s pitch is the distance between the centre of each rivet on the chain divided by two. This measurement is usually given in inches.

Chain Gauge

This is the thickness of the drive link on the chain. The thickness of the drive link must match the thickness of your chainsaw’s bar

File Size

The most important thing with a chainsaw is that it’s kept sharp at all times. The old saying goes, “If the chain is sharp, the chainsaw does the work for you, if it isn’t, you do the work for the chainsaw”. This is only half the issue, however. The other half is that you’re at greater risk of a serious accident with a dull blade. It will force more effort, which can lead to more skipping and kickback, as well as making you more prone to losing balance.

Maintaining your Chain

There are a few basic rules which help keep your chainsaw cutting effectively and reduce wear and tear on the bar and chain.

  1. Use a good quality chain oil. Avoid using other oils (such as vegetable oil).
  2. Keep the chain sharpened and do so before each cut
  3. Use the correct sharpening tools provided by Stihl
  4. Ensure the chain tension is correct (just a centimetre of slack
  5. Never try to cut with a dull chain – forcing a cut can cause injuries
  6. Keep a spare chain handy

Chainsaw Chains Ireland

You can view and order our full range of chains with delivery in Ireland. We have chains to cover all Stihl chainsaws. If you are unsure which chain your model requires, you can always give us a call, we’ve been working in the industry for decades and would be happy to help you out.

If you have any questions about our range of products you can call us on 021 4965 132