Chainsaw Boots

Chainsaw Boots

Proper protective clothing is essential for anyone operating a chainsaw, and this means investing in chainsaw boots. Every cut you make with a chainsaw carries risk, and having adequate PPE helps ensure that you walk away unscathed. Regular steel-toecap boots are not enough; Regular fabrics and materials can invite the blades of a cutting saw to dig into the fabric. The chainsaw boots‘ material must be cut-resistant to ensure safety, as well as being breathable and comfortable to wear all day.

Budget Boots for Wet and Cold Weather

You may not need the most comfortable footwear if you’re only cutting wood for lumbar or other smaller tasks around the home. In this case, you can get all your essential safety needs met with a pair of Euro PM Lumberjack III cut protection rubber boots. These may not be suitable to wear all day long in fair weather. But they’re excellent for wet and cold weather. As the least expensive they’re also great value for money, which means they are a good buy when you only intend to do the occasional cutting work.

Another step up which is again ‘no frills’ but intended for more temperate weather conditions, is the SIP Timber 2.0 Class 2 chainsaw boots. These give you all the safety and durability you need and are perfect for most cutting jobs, but are especially well suited for occasional, short-term use where comfort from 9-5 necessity.

Chainsaw Boots for Professionals

It’s worth investing in your PPE if you’re working day in, and day out on the job. This requires maximum safety and comfort. In these circumstances, our most popular chainsaw footwear is the Meindl Airstream. These boots provide kevlar frontal protection to deter the blade’s cut with protection from speeds of up to 20m/sec. Coupled with heavy-duty steel toe caps and rubber protection (EN345 class 1). In addition to these protective features, it offers the most breathable boots available, using breathable Gore-Tex as the primary material. For maximum comfort, it also uses a memory foam system that adjusts to the shape of your foot. Finally, it includes a heavy-duty Vibram sole for maximum grip and purchase as you work.

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