Arborist Safety

Arborist Safety

Tree surgery is one of the most dangerous professions. As such, arborist safety gear is essential. There are also some basic rules that all professionals know. If you’re doing some tree work as an amateur, it’s critical to understand the following safety tips.

Make a Complete Assessment Before Beginning

Before beginning any work, take a full inspection of the situation. Each job will require specific climbing equipment, and it is dangerous if you’re not prepared as it will tend to encourage risky alternatives that can increase the risk of injury. What equipment do you need? Is a ladder required? Will it need to be secured to the tree to prevent slipping? What about ropes? Are there suitable branches to attach secure lines to? Be prepared to accept that you may need to reschedule a job to get the appropriate equipment. Are there power lines above? Pole saws, ladders, and other tools that connect with power lines can result in severe injury or death. Keep an eye out, and if there’s even a slight risk of contact, consider if there is an alternative method.

The Number One Arborist Safety Rule: Never Work Alone

When you’re working in a high-risk environment, anything can happen. You must have someone with you in case of emergency. A first aid kit is always recommended – ideally with first aid experience. Also, have your transport ready for fast action if necessary. This might mean keeping the pathway clear and having your vehicle ready to move should the need arise.

Tree and Branch Integrity

It just takes one weak branch to cause a catastrophic injury. Make sure you are not relying on weak, split or dead branches for support. Even when a branch seems secure, it’s best not to rely on it entirely. You should avoid climbing a dead tree. In this case, consider using a lift.

Suitable Equipment

A climbing harness is essential for safety in any tree-climbing work. These are specifically designed for hanging at height, and as such, these provide a wide spread of pressure for your thighs to distribute weight and avoid numbness or fatigue. They also are fitted with multiple loops for attaching lanyards and rope tools.

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