Arborist Climbing Harnesses

Arborist Climbing Harnesses

Arborist climbing harnesses are designed specifically for working at height for arborists. They have some crucial feature differences compared to other climbing harnesses. Here’s a quick rundown of their features and some of our suggested brands.

Arborist Climbing Harnesses VS Climbing Harness

The first noticeable thing about an arborist’s climbing harness is that they’re usually heavier than a regular climbing harness. This is because they are built to support the added weight of equipment, requiring more material. When rock climbing, your harness is there in case you lose footing. The supports distribute the pressure of the climbing rope as it helps to slow your fall. They are, of course, also used for suspending at certain times. However, arborists suspend from their harness for long periods of time. To accommodate this, an arborists’ harness has much wider thigh supports to distribute your weight. This drastically reduces the restriction of blood flow into your lower extremities allowing you to work comfortably from a suspended position for long periods of time. As a result, the thigh supports and straps are much wider and thicker, with much more padding than a standard climbing harness.

Which harness is best?

The harness you choose will depend greatly on how much hang time you expect to have in your daily work. If you’re doing this repeatedly for extended periods, comfort is of much higher priority and as such it’s often better to consider the premium options as these will have better padding and support. For example, the Teufelberger treeMOTION Essential is a great choice. It comes in three different sizes to accommodate almost all body frames. Reiterated upon over the past 16 years, this harness has strong and durable supports, great padding, a very comfortable pelvic strap. It will last years, with many of its parts replaceable if you find they’re wearing after a few years of use.

High-Quality Affordable Arborists Harness

If budget is a a concern or you don’t expect to be working at height for too many hours during the workday, the Treehog TH5000 is a fully adjustable harness at a very good price for the support and comfort it provides. Available in two sizes, the TH5000 will provide a good fit for most people and provide safety with comfort for tree surgeons and forestry professionals.

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