Advantages Of Petrol Chainsaws Over Electric Chainsaws

Advantages Of Petrol Chainsaws Over Electric Chainsaws

A petrol chainsaw is a chainsaw that requires fuel to work. Chainsaws are landscaping machines that all homeowners should have at home. Petrol chainsaws are perfect for cutting up objects of any size. Whatever size cutting job you need to be done these powerful machines will do it. People always want to know which is better, petrol or electric chainsaws? Petrol chainsaws have many advantages over electric chainsaws:-

  • Impressive power drive – Petrol chainsaws have a two-cycle engine which fires on every revolution of the crankshaft making them more powerful enginesAdvantages Of Petrol Chainsaws Over Electric Chainsaws than electric motors.
  • They have longer/sharper blades which allow a petrol chainsaw to take on thick branches, plants and trees easily. Electric chainsaws cannot take on thick/tough objects.
  • Petrol chainsaws do not need to be plugged into a power source or charged up and do not have electrical cords in their path, unlike electric chainsaws. It is easy to move from one place to another and anywhere in your garden to do your cutting. This makes petrol chainsaws much easier to use than electric chainsaws when completing tasks as they crop up.
  • They are powerful enough to take on any cutting job that is found in a household and beyond. Average households will not have branches or trees that cannot be taken care of with a petrol chainsaw, and a set of branches or bushes can be easily landscaped by a petrol chainsaw.
  • Speed – Petrol chainsaws cut through wood, logs, branches and other objects you might need cutting, faster than electric chainsaws. The faster you can complete a cutting task the faster you can go on to the next or the quicker you can be finished your task completely. More work completed faster means saving more time and in lots of cases more money which is a huge incentive why people prefer petrol chainsaws over electric chainsaws.

STIHL petrol chainsaws are essential for heavy duty and forestry work. These chainsaws are specially developed for extreme conditions and difficult cutting situations and offer everything that professionals require for cutting. A selection of model ranges are available;- domestic/property chainsaws, agricultural/landscaper chainsaws and professional/forestry chainsaws.

The main motive behind the creation of chainsaws was the difficulty in cutting thick objects and felling trees with a hand saw. Hand saws used to be the only way one could cut objects so with time has come great inventions bringing the powerful petrol chainsaw making it so easy to cut objects. They have significantly reduced the effort and workload. Choosing between an electric chainsaw and a petrol chainsaw does not need to be a complicated process. One needs to consider certain factors in the buying process of a chainsaw such as the work and tasks involved, demands, preferences, budget, storage and one’s own chainsaw skills and experience.

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