Why Go Inground?

Why Go Inground?

Why go inground when choosing a trampoline? For families, nothing beats a solid trampoline for getting the kids out, moving and having fun. With so many health benefits to the activity, including lymphatic drainage (!) it’s hard to knock it as an antidote to the trappings of modern life. But there’s one big problem…

Why Go Inground: Feng Shui

For anyone who is house or garden-proud, a regular trampoline, as fun and great as it is, may be a bit of an eyesore. The sturdy frames support and raise the jumping surface above the ground, allowing for a large gap underneath the elastic surface. This means the kids can jump safely without hitting solid ground. But it also means that you’re going to have difficulty secreting the trampoline away to a corner of the garden.

What’s Different?why go inground

With an In-ground solution, rather than having a frame to raise the jumping surface, you dig down! The exact specifications for the depth will depend on the size of the trampoline, but the idea is straightforward enough. You dig your space, place the in-ground trampoline over this hole and then support it in place. Voila! You’ve got all the benefits of the trampoline, but it’s going to luck much, much tidier. With some gardens with raised levels, it’s possible to hide it completely from sight.

Start Digging!

The downside of these is, of course, the hole you have to dig in preparation. The size of the hole isn’t equal, it much is deeper as you approach the centre of the jumping centre where there is the most stretch when someone is jumping, so it’s relatively shallow along the outer edges and somewhat deep in its centre to ensure those jumping don’t hit solid ground. This also means that you’ll want to consider your trampoline a more long-term placement, so make sure you’re happy with where you’re putting it. Measure twice, dig once! To make sure you’re happy with the placement, we’d recommend waiting a few days before you decide on where you’re going to place it. Consider things like your lawnmower — will it still be easy to cut around it or are there going to be obstacles that slow you down? Do you have garden parties? If so, make sure this doesn’t obstruct things. What is visible from your patio or outdoor seating area? Etc.

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