Why Choose A BERG Go-Kart?

Why Choose A BERG Go-Kart?

Why Choose A BERG Go-Kart

There are so many go-kart brands out there, but there is only one BERG. Everything from a BERG go karts sturdy frame to its tyres are built to last and to keep your child safe when they are out having the time of their life around the garden. So why choose a BERG go-kart? Here are just 3 of the many reasons.

1: Quality & Sturdiness

BERG go-karts are built to last, not just for a while, but for many years to come. With the amazing quality of workmanship and the high grade materials, it’s almost guaranteed that your child will grow out of the go-kart before it needs replacing (if maintained properly), which is made even more impressive by the fact that some BERG go-karts have an age range of 8 years or more! There is high quality right down to the tyres of every BERG go-kart, they are built with safety and comfort in mind. You won’t have to worry about your child skidding out on plastic wheels as BERG tyres are built to grip and hold the road (or field).

2: Huge Range To Choose From

Once your child is within any of the age ranges of 2-5 years, 3-8 years, 4-12 years or 5+, there are a huge range of styles and options available so you can be sure you can always find the perfect go-kart for them. At Douglas Forest & Garden we have 36 different styles of BERG go-kart available, from pretty pink go-karts to go-karts for little adventurers and even a whole range of go-karts for budding farmers. Whatever style go-kart suits your child, you can rest assured that BERG has perfect top quality go-kart for them.

3: Massive Range Of Accessories

Once you have selected the perfect go-kart, the possibilities for customisation with BERG go-kart accessories are almost limitless. There are a huge range available including extra passenger seats that can be attached so that they can bring their friends for a spin, a range of different types of trailers, lights so that they can keep playing safely in the evening, fully customisable licence plates and a whole host of farming attachments like the BERG go-kart lift bucket to name but a few.

Order your BERG go-kart online from Douglas Forest & Garden and make it a gift to remember. Alternatively you can visit us in-store, you can find directions to us on our contact us page.