What's the Best Hoverboard?

What's the Best Hoverboard?

What’s the Best Hoverboard? It all depends! With different styles and different battery sizes and quality levels, there’s an option for most people. We’ve written in the past about choosing a hoverboard. It mainly comes down to the price, battery capacity (and therefore maximum distance), and speed. But of course, if you’re planning on doing more extreme manoeuvres, you’ll also want to take durability into account. You can view our full list; we have one of the best-curated range of hoverboards in Ireland.

The Ninebot S

We’ve spoken in the past about Ninebot’s impressive range of scooters as well as their Ninebot S hoverboard. This is the same company as Segway; the company invented the gyroscopic technology at the heart of these innovative new modes of transport. What the Ninebot S offers compared with other hoverboards is a more intuitive control. Instead of depending solely on your body weight, the Ninebot S allows you control your direction with a knee rest that stands between your two legs. We have highlighted some of Ninebot’s best e-scooters, and in that article, we gave attention to the MAX G30, which has a superb range.

The Best Hoverboard: Oxboard’s Range

Oxboard has a great range of hoverboards. We have spoken in the past about Oxboard hoverboards. In particular, the Oxboard PRO. This uses a high-quality motherboard to manage the gyros, meaning that they provide increased safety and more responsiveness to your changes in balance. This allows you to control the PRO much more easily. Another cool feature of the Oxboard PRO is a remote lock, so if you need to leave the board outside while heading into a shop, you can lock the device and leave it outside without worrying that someone till drive off on it. They also feature robust wheels which reduce wear and tear and allow for great longevity.

The Oxboard ONE is not quite as feature-packed as the PRO. Still, it has a range of ten to fifteen kilometres, a maximum speed of fifteen kilometres per hour, and a high-quality balancing system to maximise safety and control as you have fun and get around from A to B.

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