Trampoline Deals in Ireland

Trampoline Deals in Ireland

If you’re looking for trampoline deals in Ireland, we have some good offers. Autumn is typically when the excitement dies down, and so there are some good opportunities for the more patient shopper who is willing to forego instant gratification for a few extra euro in their pocket! We have one of the largest ranges of trampolines Ireland has to offer, from entry-level to the highest quality. Let’s look at three good options for those who are looking to get the best deal.

Regular Trampoline

The Berg Favorit is a regular configuration that is available in multiple sizes (11ft, 12.5ft and 14ft). Berg’s trampolines are superb quality. They last all through the summer and winter, and when kept in good condition will last you for years. The smallest size comes in at €529 and comes with a safety net, thick, durable padding and coated spring.

Trampoline Deals in Ireland: Flatground Optiontrampoline deals ireland

The EXIT Interra flatground trampoline is a great fit for your garden if the appearance of your garden is a high priority. Ground-level trampolines are not intrusive in the same way that a regular configuration can be. Because it’s flat with the ground, it’s out of sight and doesn’t have the visible steel and aluminium frame that a regular setup has. It blends in. The other advantage is that because it’s at ground level, there’s no climbing to get onto the jumping surface. The 10ft model is available for €448.99.
With a flatground trampoline, you’re going to need to dig a hole beneath the jumping surface. You must dig this to the correct depth to prevent the mat hitting the floor, and also to ensure that you can larger jumping heights despite the hole beneath the trampoline creating an air pocket. The EXIT Interrra uses a unique ventilation system to prevent air pockets beneath the jumping surface from reducing the elasticity of the mat.

The Berg Favorit Inground Model

Berg’s Inground Favorit is available in a considerably smaller size than the regular configuration. It also has a safety net option, but without the obtrusive metal frame, it is available with considerably less cost. The Berg Inground Favorit 6.5ft model is now available for just €229.00.

If a model you’re interested in is currently sold out, you can reach us today on 021 496 51 32 and pre-order.