Toys for Tikes: Some Fun Options for Your Kids

Toys for Tikes: Some Fun Options for Your Kids

When looking for toys for tikes, there are myriad options on the market. But one thing that we can all agree on is that a toy that supports an active, healthy play style is preferable. With so many screens put between the eyes of our kids and the world around us, the more we can encourage real-world interaction, the better. This is why we want to introduce as many quality ride-on toys as we can.

Toys for Tikes: Training Bikes

Learning to ride a bike usually involves stabilisers and a lot of falling and wobbling! But these days, balance bikes are on the market. These are a great way to introduce a young child to cycling. Rather than having pedals and stabilisers, a balance bike encourages scooting. The child will naturally learn to balance and steer. When you compare that with a regular pedal bike where the child’s centre of gravity is thrown off each time they try to pedal, you can see how the old way impedes the progress for learning. The Xootz balance bike is affordable, extremely light, and very simple to set up and adjust for your child.

Electric Ride-On Cars

An Electric Ride-on car can be a huge source of fun for younger kids. It’s suitable for kids 3 years and over, and the fun thing about the Xootz models is that they are official versions of popular cars such as the Mercedez SLS. The Xootz Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Ride On looks just like the real thing and has a maximum speed of two and a half kilometres per hour. The Xootz BMW 4 Series is also a great looking and fun activity for your kids to get them playing around and moving away from screens. It also has working headlights, a horn and can travel up to 3.5 kilometres per hour. It supports a maximum weight of 30kg.


The electric scooters are not suitable toys for tikes. However, the Xootz Large Wheeled Kick Scooter is an option for kids aged six and over. It can handle a maximum weight of 100kg and is suitable for indoor use. Though, of course, not in your home, and a helmet should always be worn at all times!. In addition, this scooter has a retractable kickstand, so you’re not scraping it along the floor when it’s not in use.

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