Sunken Trampolines: When And Why To Choose One

Sunken Trampolines: When And Why To Choose One

A sunken trampoline might be something to consider as a great excuse for kids and adults alike to get out and enjoy the great summer weather. While a traditional trampoline is just as fun, one downside is that they can create a messy look in your garden or outdoor space. The other issue, in particular, if your outdoor space is exposed, is that wind can get under and send it flying. If you forget to take it in during a storm you can place your property at risk of damage. View our range of sunken trampolines, AKA flat ground trampolines.

What are Sunken Trampolines?

You install a sunken trampoline into the ground level. This is especially useful if you have a smaller garden as it blends in better with the surroundings. Kids seem to enjoy the in-ground trampoline more as they’re able to access it more easily and run and jump onto it, rather than having to climb onto the stage first.

Sunken Trampolines: Setupsunken trampolines

Sunken trampolines require the digging of a large hole. This requires a lot of work, but the advantage is that the trampoline remains hidden away and tidy. The other unintended advantage is noise. Traditional trampolines can become quite loud and creaky. This is far less of an issue with a sunken trampoline, as the only active part of the setup are the springs. There are no metal leg supports and so the energy of the jump goes into the earth rather than into a steel frame.

We recommend using a BERG sunken trampoline since it uses “Airflow” technology. The Airflow allows air to pass through the springing surface so that pockets of air beneath the trampoline don’t cushion your fall and thereby reduce its springiness. This is especially important in this setup, as under the ground the air has nowhere else to go.

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