Starting Out With an Escooter

Starting Out With an Escooter

When starting out with an Escooter, the worst mistake you can make is to go straight from the store to the road. It’s important to give yourself time to get to know your escooter. Find a place around your yard or neighbourhood where there’s no traffic and take time to get the feel for turning, accelerating and braking. When it comes to escooters in Ireland, we are plagued with dodgy potholes and uneven surfaces. So it’s vital that you practice on a smooth surface first while you get used to everything. Here are a few other tips which will get you flying around in record time.

Starting Out With an Escooter: Start Slow!

While most scooters, such as the Kickscooter E22E, have a few different speed settings, such as cruising mode and performance. Each step up gives you more power and higher speed. You want to start with the lowest speed setting while you get used to handling the scooter. It won’t take long before you get confident – just a few hours. But taking that time is very important for ensuring you get off to a good start.

Learn to Kick Start

With most scooters you need to kick start before you get going. Make sure you don’t forget to retract the kickstand! If it’s still extended it risks knocking you off balance or getting damaged. Once you get moving, use a soft touch to get your speed up.

Keep your eyes on where you want to go!

As with hoverboards, go-karts or any other personal transportation, you need to keep your eyes on where you’re going. You will follow where you’re looking. A common mistake people make is that they look at the obstacle they wish to avoid and end up veering right towards it! Instead, keep your eyes on the path you’d like to safely take. Make sure you don’t stare down at the ground. This not only prevents you from seeing what’s ahead, it can also disrupt your centre of balance and make your scooter more prone to flipping.

Stay In Your Comfort Zone Starting Out With an Escooter

If you find yourself tense or anxious, you’re probably going too fast. Physical tension will reduce your reaction times and make you more prone to injury in the event of a tumble. Be mindful of your physical and emotional state. Stay within your comfort zone. If you feel yourself tensing, you’re probably going too fast or doing something you’re not comfortable with. Take it easy and build up your abilities over time!

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