Soccer Equipment

Soccer Equipment

Soccer equipment is always needing repair and replacement. At Douglas Forest and Garden, we have a range of soccer training equipment that’s suitable for kids and adults alike. Whether it’s for training, practise or play, we have some items that will accommodate all levels.

Soccer Equipment: Goals

EXIT build high-quality, durable soccer goals in various sizes for different activities. For example, the EXIT Scala aluminium football goal comes in various sizes (including 500 x 200cm). This range is built to be strong yet lightweight. Highly portable, with an anodised coating to protect against the harsh Irish weather. Their “Maestro” (180cm x 120cm) is small enough to be used in even the smallest garden space. It has a smaller size which promotes accuracy and precision. There is also the “Flexx” Range, which is a set of two fold-up goals (120cm x 80cm). These are perfect for any situation. They allow you to enjoy soccer at any time and at any location, whether at home, in your garden, the schoolyard or while out camping. We also provide EXIT’s rebounders and “Kickbacks”, which comes in a range of sizes and are great for practising passes and kicks when you don’t have a practice partner.

Other Soccer Equipment

Of course, it isn’t soccer without a ball. In addition to the standard size five football, we also provide EXIT’s foam ball in black. These are much softer. Exit built these with younger children in mind. They’re fully waterproof so you can use it in and near water without any issue. We also provide a pack of 20 Line Marker Cones so that you can easily build a training course for you and your team. When you aren’t playing in a game, this is the perfect way to practice dribbling and quick manoeuvres in tight spaces. The marker cones come in a carry bag for easy storage.

In terms of foot skills, the EXIT Rapido foot skills trainer is an excellent way to improve your passing and handling skills. You stand in the centre of the circle and “pass”, kick, rebound and manoeuvre without a partner. The Rapido stops you from wasting time retrieving the ball every two minutes. The circle consists of six panels, each which reacts differently with the ball to create a dynamic environment for honing your soccer skills.

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