Kids Stunt Roller

Kids Stunt Roller

Looking for a Kids Stunt Roller? The Xootz Invert 360 Spin in-Line Stunt Scooter is perfect for younger people who want to learn how to use a stunt scooter. While a regular scooter can be lots of fun and a great way to play around, more adventurous kids may want something a little more exciting to play with. The Xootz Invert 360 is a stunt scooter with a sturdy steel frame and lightweight aluminium foot breaks. The T-bar is non-collapsible meaning it can handle the beating you’d expect while performing stunts. It also has a full-length grip tape for complete traction no matter where you place for your foot on the board.

Kids Stunt Roller: Value For MoneyKids Stunt Roller

Stunt scooters are for those who enjoy performing tricks and stunts on the street or in a skate park. What makes the Xootz Invert 360 stand out is its value for money. Surprisingly for a strong, durable scooter that is built to last it only costs €39. Compared with something like E-Scooters, which are typically in the high range of €300+, these are a steal. However, if you are looking for an electric scooter, Xootz also offers the Evader. The Xootz Evader is not a stunt scooter; It has an adaptable, fold-down handlebar. This is not ideal for jumps and kicks, but it is perfect as a mean of transport. It’s also great value for money at only €209. The Evader can reach speeds of 15kmph and can travel up to ten kilometres on a single charge with a younger person or adult weighing up to one hundred kilograms.


If you want to perform tricks but would like something electric, an Oxboard Hoverboard might be the solution. Hoverboards are a fun way to improve your balance and coordination, get from a to b, and practice some fun tricks. The Oxboard ONE is the entry-level model which costs €189 and has a range of up to 10km on a single charge. Like the Evader, it is able to reach speeds of up to 15kmph. It has built-in LEDs to let you know when it’s time to recharge the battery.

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