Hovershoes: The Oxboard Blades

Hovershoes: The Oxboard Blades

Hovershoes are a lot of fun. The Oxboard blades are very similar to hoverboards. They’re a tonne of fun for the whole family. The main difference is that each foot can operate independently. This makes it more difficult to pick up but it also makes it a lot more fun. Still, if you’ve ever tried a hoverboard it’ll feel familiar. With Oxboard blades, you also have the option to link them together and use it like a hoverboard.

Oxboard ‘Blades’ Hovershoes

You can compare Oxboard blades to rollerblades, but where you never have to lift your foot off the ground. There’s a much steeper learning curve with blades compared with hoverboards, but it’s something that kids will pick up really quickly.

Oxboard’s blades and hoverboards are well built and highly durable. They’re also water-resistant which means they’re safe to use on wet days. Blades (AKA hover shoes) are easier to store in your backpack which can be useful if you plan to use them for commuting.

In terms of speed, these hovershoes can reach up to 8kmph. They have a maximum range of 10km per charge, and they can be charged within a few hours. They have a built-in readout so you can tell when you need to recharge them (and also avoid going out the door with blades that haven’t been fully charged and end up cutting out on you after a few metres!).

In terms of weight, they can handle larger people up to 128kgs or 20 stone. It’s best to familiarise yourself with this on a carpeted space while you get used to it, and protective gear should always be worn for safety.

Oxboard Blades VS Hoverboards

The main disadvantage of hovershoes over hoverboards are the maximum distance and speed. While the Oxboard PRO can travel 15-20km on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 15km per hour, the hovershoes have a maximum speed of 8km per hour and a maximum distance of 10km per charge. This is not a problem if you plan to use the hovershoes purely for tricks and playing around near home, but it might be a disadvantage for those seeking to use this as a means of transport.

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