A Hoverboard Go-Kart?

A Hoverboard Go-Kart?

Have you heard of a Hoverboard Go-Kart? You take everything great about hoverboards, and you strap it to a Go-Kart chassis. We’ll get into why you’d want to do that in a moment, but first, let’s look at the Hoverboard that powers this idea. Many reviewers have recognised the Oxboard series for their excellent quality construction, good battery life and intuitive controls.

Creating Your Hoverboard Go-Kart

Whatever Hoverboard you choose, you can attach it to the Oxboards Super Kart. Oxboard has a range of hoverboards ranging from the ONE-T Hoverboard (currently costing €189) to the Oxboarod PRO (Currently available for €309) and a few different models in between. Of course, the most crucial feature of any hoverboard is its battery, and that is the main difference between the different models in the Oxboard range. If you plan to use this a lot, you may want to look into the higher range models as these have the best battery technology which combines capacity with durability. The best performing batteries tend to have a longer battery life as they require fewer cycles.

The Super Karthoverboard-go-kart

Oxboards Super Kart converts any of Oxboard’s range of hoverboards into a street go-kart including a handbrake. It has an adjustable frame, so it is suitable for any ages (provided they’re old enough to use the equipment safely). The chassis is very light and portable. And because it’s removable from the hoverboard motor, it’s effortless to take with you wherever you roam. It uses a few simple straps to attach to the Hoverboard. This makes it easy to set up, and it’s incredibly easy to operate. Remember that with a Go-Kart, you have a lower profile, and it’s harder for people to see you. Never use this on roads where you are not only vulnerable but also high risk. You must also wear protective equipment despite being closer to the ground as Oxboard hoverboards can reach a speed of up to 15kmph.

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