Hover Boards for Kids

Hover Boards for Kids

Are you looking for hover boards for kids? While other providers have a large selection, we’ve carefully curated our offers to only provide the best quality boards which are built to take a beating. The boards we’ve selected have great batteries and will last you for years to come. Read some of our highlights below, or view one of the best selections of hoverboards Ireland has to offer.

Hover Boards for Kids: The Oxboard ONE-T

While all of our hoverboards are suitable for kids and adults alike, the ONE-T is a great choice due to its very reasonable price of just €189. With a max speed of 15 kilometres per hour and a range of eight to ten kilometres, this is a neat machine for getting around or just doing stunts. It also has a few nifty features that young people will appreciate. For example, a built-in battery indicator, when it goes red you know it’s time to dismount and give it a recharge.

The Oxboard ONE

Then next step up from the ONE-T is the ONE. The major difference is that this machine gives you a better range of ten to fifteen kilometres. That’s almost 50% more range when compared with the ONE-T.

The Oxboard PRO

The Oxboard Pro has all the features of the ONE but with a much better battery. Rather than a max range of eight to ten kilometres, the PRO can last from fifteen to twenty kilometres. That’s a massive improvement over the ONE-T, though perhaps not necessary if you only plan to use the board around the house. The PRO also comes with a two-year guarantee.

Other Alternatives: E-Scooters

If you or your kid is looking for an E Scooter, we have some of the best on offer. As with our hover boards, we curate our selection to only the highest quality products. This includes the Ninebot range, built by Segway, the company that invented the servo motors at the heart of modern Hoverboard technology. There is also the Xootz Evader, an electric scooter that can handle weights of up to 100kg and has an adjustable handlebar making it suitable for kids and adults alike. View our full range of electric scooters or give us a call today on 021 496 51 32