Great Summer Toys on Sale

Great Summer Toys on Sale

When the beautiful weather comes out, there’s always the worry that the kids will want to stay inside. Great summer toys help take young impressionable eyes off the screens and into the fresh air. Here are some popular picks for this summer:

Summer Toys: The Bestway 6-Foot Round Pool

Bestway swimming pools come in various shapes and sizes, from some friendly and easy to assemble paddling pools to substantial family above ground pools with great depth. The Bestway 6 foot fast set round pool is quick and easy to set up, with inflatable walls and enough space for mam or dad to hop in and make sure that play is safe.

The Xootz Stunt Scooter

While e-scooters are all the rage for people ages, stunt scooters still hold a significant niche for the more activity and adventurous scooters. The Xootz Invert 360 is a robust, manoeuvrable self-propelled scooter designed for tricks and stunts. Unlike an e-scooter, it can take a fair beating in all conditions. Without any motor or batteries, this a relatively low-cost toy that’s great fun.

Summer Toys With a Goal

Football is a great way to hone a young person’s skills and develop confidence. While a couple of hoodies can work as a football goal, nothing beats a proper set of goals to make the game more fun and dispel all those ‘it was out’ arguments! The EXIT tempo steel football goal has great size and dimensions to help improve striking accuracy and keep everyone in the game.

Driving Fast

Xootz also builds some nifty kids’ electric ride-on cars, such as the BMW 4 Series Coupe, which looks fantastic and kids love. It has a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 2 hours on a single charge. With a maximum speed of 3.5 kmph, it feels fast for kids, but is easily monitored by grown-ups. As an officially licensed product, it is a scale model of a genuine BMW Series 4. It looks stunning and has working headlights, a horn, and an mp3 music mode. The maximum weight supported is 30kg.

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