E Scooter Legislation

E Scooter Legislation

E Scooter legislation is due soon in Ireland. Electric scooters are amazing fun and becoming very popular worldwide, but in many countries, including Ireland, they were legally in a grey area. As we have one of the best selections of E-Scooters in Ireland, this was an important topic for our customers. There’s news that the Oireachtas is currently legislating for E-Scooters as part of a new Road Traffic Bill. This will make inclusions for electric personal transportation such as E scooters and hover boards. We will know more about this in the future, but in the meantime using your E Scooter around your home and off public roads is perfectly okay. But as always, make sure to put safety first.

E Scooter Legislation: Safety First

In 2020 we wrote a post, ‘Are Electric Scooters Legal in Ireland‘, which outlined the legal grey area. While this is now being dealt with by the government, we still need to be careful and put safety first. The thing about Electric Scooters is that they have small wheels. When you’re travelling at speed, the smallest crack or rut on a road or pathway can cause the scooter to flip or stop suddenly. Because you have to stand with the base of support very close to your centre of gravity, you are more likely to be thrown forward forcefully on a scooter than on a bicycle. This means you need to wear a helmet at all times. Remember: it only takes on small knock on the head to cause serious injury.

These cool devices are amazing fun. They are a relatively cheap and convenient way of getting around. But make sure you take precautions to stay safe. Make sure your breaks are working properly before you take off, and keep an eye on the ground ahead of you. If you see rough terrain, slow down or come to a stop. It might not be as fun as zipping around, but it’s better to delay your journey by a few moments than end up in the emergency room! Ensure the scooter you purchase is the first size for you, and consider getting a scooter with a height-adjustable handle. You can view our full range of scooters here.

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