Choosing a Trampoline

Choosing a Trampoline

It’s no wonder people find choosing a trampoline to be tricky. There are so many options on the market, so many sizes and types. But one thing is for sure, no matter what type you buy, you’re going to be providing an excellent opportunity for you and your kids to have fun while staying fit and active. We have a vast range of EXIT and Berg Trampolines with Free Shipping in Ireland.

Choosing a Trampoline: How Much Space Do You Have?

Trampolines range in diameter from about 2 metres to up to 5 metres. They also need at least one metre of space around the sides to prevent injury or harm when getting on and off the trampoline. Trees, poles and walls need to be kept a fair distance from the trampoline. Make sure you keep that in mind when making a decision.


The price range can vary, with the Berg Favorit range offering the best in terms of quality and price. But for kids, especially, we recommend any model that includes a safety net. This enclosure removes the risk of someone falling off the edges. Be aware also that with the lower-end trampolines on the market, the springs may be close to physical contact with the trampoline user. This is potentially dangerous, so we recommend you seek out models that have a covering over the springs. All Berg and EXIT models have a protective cover over these springs.

Regular, Inground and Flatground

There are many different arrangements for your trampoline. A regular trampoline is raised from the ground on legs and is the easiest in terms of setup. Flatground and Inground Trampolines require more work on your part as you will need to dig a trench in your yard to accommodate the trampoline. These models are more aesthetically pleasing as they take up less visible space in the garden. Inground models are more flush with the ground, whereas Flatground models tend to be slightly more raised. Both have a smaller profile in your garden. Another advantage of the inground and flatground models is that they’re less prone to taking off when the wind kicks in – provided you anchor them properly. But in general, they tend to be slightly less springy than regular trampolines. The Berg and Exit range have aerated jumping surfaces which help improve the springiness. This also applies to Flatground Trampolines.

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