Choosing a Hoverboard

Choosing a Hoverboard

Need help choosing a hoverboard? Hoverboards have exploded since they arrived on the market in 2015. There are many different brands on the market. We solely stock Oxboard Hoverboards in Ireland. We chose Oxboard because they’re a well-known Dutch company that emphasises build quality and battery life.

Are Hoverboards Easy to Ride?Choosing a Hoverboard

They’re quite easy to learn if you’re already well-coordinated and have had experience with balance boards or skateboards. After about five minutes, you’ll be able to move around and turn comfortably. If you aren’t as coordinated, you might need more time to get the hang of it. Make sure you wear full protective clothing — we have all seen the YouTube videos of what happens when you don’t!
What model should you get? They all have the same maximum speed (15kmph), though for a first-time user the Oxboard ONE might be the right choice. It has a maximum range of 10-15 kilometres instead of 15-20km on the higher-end models but comes in at just €209. That’s a €100 saving.

How to Use It

When you first put a foot on the board, the pressure will make the board move. So to keep your balance, it’s best to start with your dominant foot first. Then step on with your other foot. Keep in mind that learning to use this indoors is not the same as out on the street where you’re going to have cracks, bumps and imbalances on the ground. Make sure you have plenty of practice before you go using this outdoors and then ensure you’re wearing padding. You will also be using the muscles of your feet and legs in new ways, so be prepared for aches and pains as you develop strength in this area!

Choosing a Hoverboard: Durability and Speed

Oxboards are very durable. After about four hours they are fully charged, and the charge will last for 15-20km on the higher end Oxboard Pro. They will take a beating when you’re outdoors, especially when you lose control or come off the board. So you’ll likely see scuff marks on the corners after a time. Be aware that these boards can reach speeds of up to 15kpmh. Don’t go straight to full speed until you’re comfortable with the controls. And make sure that your feet are placed evenly on the board so that you don’t start turning in the middle of accelerating.