Can you Use E-Scooters on the Roads?

Can you Use E-Scooters on the Roads?

Can you Use E-Scooters on the Roads? This is a question we often hear, and in April 2022, we expected the Irish Government to provide an answer to this question. Unfortunately, however, they have delayed any clear legislation on the subject until 2023.

The Irish Government were expected to publish a bill in October 2021 called the ‘Road Traffic and Roads Bill’, which includes legislation on the use of e-scooter on the roads. However, until this is all finalised, there is no clear answer, and technically, anyone using an e-scooter on the streets is doing so illegally. This is an obvious problem since you don’t have to look far on any road in Ireland to see people using personal electric transportation such as e-scooters.

What is Needed?

To give electric scooter users and other personal transportation users such as hoverboards protection, legislation must regulate how these types of vehicles can be used on public roads and spaces and define a new class of public transportation.

Changing Transit Habits

There are many European companies that are interested in introducing e-scooter rental services across Ireland. These rental services are popular for their ease of use and the ability to easily commute within urban areas cheaply and quickly. These companies will not be able to introduce their services to the Irish market until we have proper legislation in place.

Buying an E-Scooter

Saying all that, e-scooters are still available to purchase and use in Ireland. We provide one of the best ranges of e-scooters on the market, including the renowned Ninebot range. Ninebot are a child company of Segway, which introduced the technology that began the personal transportation craze. Their gyroscopic technology has since been used to introduce the hoverboard. Their e-scooters are also extremely well built with great battery life and other great features that people love.

Can you Use E-Scooters on the Roads?

One of our preferred features of the Ninebot range is that most of them have pneumatic tyres. This increases both riding comfort and safety, reducing the risk of riding an e-scooter on our Irish roads and pavements. Which, let’s face it, have a reputation for being fairly cracked and shoddy.

If you have any questions about our range of escooters or ride-on toys, you can always give us a call on 021 4965132