Buying a Family Trampoline

Buying a Family Trampoline

Are you planning on buying a family trampoline? Then there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the one you want.

Buying a Family Trampoline: Consider the size

You want to make sure that there is plenty of space around your trampoline in your yard. This is for safety reasons. A trampoline that’s a bit bigger might be fun to jump around on, but if it’s too near an obstacle such as a fence or a tree, it’s going to pose a safety hazard. Before purchasing a trampoline, ensure you have at least a couple of metres of space from the edge. Also, consider a minimum overhead clearance of 7 metres from the ground. Especially when using a regular trampoline. Ensure there are no overhanging trees or other potential obstacles. The surrounding ground should have shock-absorbing materials such as grass, woodchips, etc. This should span at least two metres from the jumping surface. For example, concrete or stone patios should be far from this two-metre zone to help prevent injury.


One of the most common causes of injury on a trampoline is the springs. When purchasing a trampoline, ensure there is plenty of padding; the more, the better. Both Berg and EXIT trampolines provide excellent padding, which is partly why we are big fans of both brands.

Buying a Family Trampoline: Safety Net

Safety is essential – especially when kids are using the trampoline. A high-quality safety net will help prevent accidental tumbles from leading to injuries. Quality netting should last for years and should provide adequate resistance in order to function well. For example, Berg netting typically lasts for up to five years, but it should be replaced when it is no longer providing adequate resistance to provide safety.

Rust Resistance

When you’re investing in an outdoor trampoline, then the weather is always going to be a consideration, especially here in Ireland, where rain is the default. The frame and other metal parts of your trampoline should be galvanised or protected to prevent water damage and ensure your trampoline lasts year after year, no matter the weather.

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