Best Ninebot Scooters

Best Ninebot Scooters

If you’re looking for the best Ninebot scooters, we have them. Ninebot are a Segway company dedicated to personal transportation. If you’re on the market for an e-scooter, then there’s no better place to look than Ninebot. They have been in the business for twenty years, long before the electric scooter crazy started to blow up.

Best Ninebot Scooters: The MAX G30ninebot's best scooters

The KickScooter MAX G30 has an incredible range. In addition to going at a maximum speed of 25km/h, it can travel for up to 65 kilometres or 40 miles. That’s no small feat, and it manages this thanks to its huge Lithium-ion battery, plus its regenerative double-braking system, which means that whenever you need to slow down, all of that potential energy is going right back into your battery. The beauty of a Ninebot scooter is that most use pneumatic tyres. This means you’re going to get a smoother, less bumpy ride. The G30 Max is designed for cruising at speed for long distances, so it isn’t the best for hills. But it can still manage a 20-degree climbing angle.

The E22E

The Ninebot E22E is the little brother of the MAX G30. It can manage a maximum speed of 20 km/h, and has a maximum range of up to 22 kilometres. This is significantly less distance, but it’s perfect for those of us who are using their e-scooter for fun more so than as a means of transportation. And it’s perfect for those of us who are in or around town already and just need to travel small distances. Just like Ninebot’s hoverboard, the E22E doesn’t skimp on features. It also has regenerative brakes and syncs up with the Segway-Ninebot App, which allows you to check on your scooter’s status as well as install Firmware updates which can potentially improve on the E22E’s performance and functionality in the future.

The Zing E8

Ninebot’s Zing E8 is a smaller scooter built for young people aged between 6-12. In addition to having regenerative breaks, there is also a rear foot brake for extra safety. It can go at a maximum speed of 14 km/h, and has a maximum range of 10km. Perfect for flying around the yard or around the estate. Just remember that for the moment at least, E-scooters are not technically legal on public roads.

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