Best Go Karts in 2022

Best Go Karts in 2022

What are the Best Go Karts in 2022? There have been countless different ride-on toys over the years, but one of the few that has remained in the spotlight for years has been the go-kart. These are great toys for kids with a simple design that stands both the tests of time and wear and tear. We have been providing families with go-karts for over a decade now. In most of that time we’ve stuck with Berg Go Karts. They’re consistently top of the range, with great designs, solid builds, and fun colours and themes that kids love.

Best Go Karts in 2022 for 2-5 year olds

For the younger kids, the Buzzy Range is the way to go. These are a step up from the humble tricycle. And that doesn’t mean they’re not as safe. For example the Berg Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1 doubles as a pushcar. Compared with a tricycle, the four-wheel base gives your child a lot more support and safety. It’s very difficult to tumble over on these compared with a traditional tricycle.

Best Karts for 2-6 year olds

Compared with the Buzzy range, the Reppy range has a more typical bucket seat you’d expect in a go kart. Your child’s posture will be more reclined. This range comes in many different themes that your children will love. A good example is the Berg Reppy Racer.

Rally Range (4-12 years old)

The Rally Range is a light, compact design that is great outdoors. With an adjustable seat, the Rally will grow with your child right up from four to twelve years of age. It has a two-year warranty on the frame and weighs 27kgs. A good example of the Rally would be Rally Orange.

Classic Go Karts

If you had a Go Kart yourself when you were small, you might appreciate Berg’s Classic Go Kart Range. These look just like the old ones but of course with updated quality materials and a complete restyling. The one you might remember is the Berg Basic Pure Blue BFR. It has the peddles, the minimamlistic frame, and the pneumatic tyres that Berg became famous for.

Best Electric Go Karts in 2022

Berg’s Electric Go Karts, the E-BFR Battery range, are a relatively new addition. With the traditional styling and themes Berg are known for, but with added electric power. These are the updated, modern alternative to the classic go Kart. A popular model is the Berg X-Plore E-BFR which has a cool style and adjustable seating.

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