3 Most Popular Football Goals

3 Most Popular Football Goals

The best football goals are now available with free shipping. Just as well. It’s the time of year when everyone is trying to check off their Christmas lists so they can relax and enjoy time off with family and friends. And while some kids (and adults) are harder to please than others, luckily football fanatics are going to be satisfied with football gifts ranging from the latest jersey or a few pieces of sports equipment. If you’re looking to get something in time for Christmas, we have a range of soccer goals, ranging from large to very small. Here are three of EXIT’s best.

Large Football Goals

So they’re suitable for all ages and all environments. The other advantage is that some are very portable. On the highest of our range is the EXIT Forza. This is a steel frame, five metres in width and two metres in height. These are very high quality, built to last in the outdoors for years. They include an anchoring system to keep them down no matter what the weather. The Forza is available to order today for €420.00.

Medium-Sized Goals

The next largest soccer goal is the EXIT Finta. This is similar in build quality to the Forza and has the same height but with a smaller width, three metres in width rather than five. The Finta also comes with a training screen, which is an excellent way for strikers to improve their aim.

Best Football Goals for Kids or Smaller Fields

For something just as fun and a little less serious, there’s the EXIT Maestro. This is 1.8 metres in width, and 1.2 metres in height. This makes it far more portable and more suitable for younger players. This also comes with a training screen to improve aim.

Last but not least, are EXIT’s range of ultra-portable football goals. The EXIT Pico comes in a pair of two fold-out goals that are perfect for playing a game with friends in the back yard, the local field or park. These can be taken away quickly once you’re finished playing. Even more portable is the EXIT Flexx range of popup goals. At just €21.00, these are a great ‘stocking filler’ (so to speak!) for Christmas. Perfect for keeping in your car boot for whenever the mood strikes you, they come with a storage bag to keep them tidy and include anchoring pins to keep them still while you play.

If you’d like more ideas or you’re like to make an order, you can contact us today on 021 4965132