The Best E-Scooter in Ireland

The Best E-Scooter in Ireland

The best e-scooter in Ireland in 2021 is probably the Ninebot Max. This is by far one of the highest-quality escooters on the market. It has ranked #1 online based on customer reviews on various websites, and there’s a reason why. This is one of the smoothest rides you can drive. It manages this with 10″ pneumatic tyres. While other e-scooters in Ireland offer similar sizes, the Ninebot has unique features that help smooth your ride. The 10″ wheels mean you’re a little higher up off the road and gives you a bit more safety against potholes and cracks. Cracks and breaks on concrete can be dangerous with a smaller rubber wheel; they can easily catch on gaps and cause the user to fall off. The Ninebot Max’s pneumatic wheels drastically reduce the chances of these mishaps.

Best E-Scooter in Ireland: The Max’ Features

The Ninebot Max has excellent settings. The Cruise mode acts just like cruise control and can be turned on from the app. You can activate the cruise control to maintain the same speed, so you’re not constantly adjusting the accelerator to keep the pace. You can also set cruise control from the accelerator handle by turning and holding it for a moment until you hear a beep.

It has a nice stall handle which means you don’t have to reach down to ride. It has plenty of room for your feet on the board. Of the Ninebot Max’ 3 modes, the fastest is ‘Sport Mode’. It can go up to 30kmph (make sure you wear a helmet!)

The range of the Ninebot Max is 64km, which is quite impressive for an escooter. If you live in an area without much pavement, you’ll find the Ninebot Max excellent. It can handle up to a 20-degree slope even in areas with poor grip. It can hold its own quite reasonably in sand, mud and puddles. Though, of course, you do need to wear your helmet as, like hoverboards, all scooters are less stable than a bicycle. In addition, the Max comes with an energy recovery system built-in. So you can reclaim some of your battery’s power through braking and slowing down, therefore managing longer distances on a single charge.

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