BERG Talent Trampoline Review

BERG Talent Trampoline Review

BERG Talent TrampolineThe BERG Talent series of trampolines are designed specifically to easily fit into smaller gardens. They come in 6ft, 8ft and 10ft variations with the optional extra of a comfort safety net to stop any unfortunate accidents that can happen as a result of falling off of the trampoline. The 6ft and 8ft models are capable of supporting jumpers of up to 50kg, however the 10ft model can support a jumper of up to 70kg.

The BERG Talent trampoline springs are covered with durable, padded, waterproof PVC to protect the trampoline and more importantly, anyone using it. The springs themselves are Gold Spring Talent springs. They specifically designed to be elastic, flexible and to last. During manufacturing the frame and the springs are coated with a solid layer of corrosion resistant zinc to prevent rust so that you can keep trampolining for longer.

The woven jumping mat of BERG Talent trampolines is attached to the thick, robust frame by its springs. Each spring is attached to the mat through a triangular eye which has been stitched through 8 times to provide stability and safety for the user. Safety is always the top priority with any BERG product. BERG products are stringently tested so keep the manufacturers guidelines in mind before jumping on the trampoline.

There is no plastic used to support the safety net as is held up with a solid steel construction to ensure it stays in place when you need it most. The steel poles themselves are encased in a stylish black cover that looks fantastic as well as preventing jumpers from injuring themselves.

BERG’s Talent trampoline is a real BERG product that is great value and ideal for all garden sizes, though it is designed specifically to fit in areas that other trampolines would struggle in. As you would expect from a BERG product, the Talent trampoline has undergone stringent safety and quality testing. This means that you can rest safe in the knowledge that your children are playing in safe and fun environment.

Get your BERG Talent trampoline by visiting us in store or online today and choose from three different sizes and from regular and in ground models of Talent trampoline to kick off the summer. You can find our contact details including directions to our showroom on our contact us page.

Technical specifications

Max. weight of jumper in kg 180cm : 50kg
240cm : 50kg
300cm : 70kg
Spring Type Goldspring Talent
Height of trampolin in cm 180cm : 20cm
240cm : 20cm
300cm : 20cm
Amount of springs 180cm : 36
240cm : 42
300cm : 54
Total height 180cm : 176cm
240cm : 176cm
300cm : 206cm