Berg Dublin: All Berg Trampolines and Toys

Berg Dublin: All Berg Trampolines and Toys

BERG is Dublin’s Go-to for outdoor Go-Karts and Accessories. We gladly stock all BERG products and recommend them for their durability and design. BERG has a reputation because their products last for years with minimal care. You can view our full range of BERG toys and accessories (Free Shipping to Dublin). Or read on for an overview of some of BERG Dublin’s best products.

BERG Trampolines

View our full range of BERG Trampolines with free shipping directly to your home. BERG makes the most well-known “Regular” trampoline, the kind you raise up on legs. And they also build “In-Ground” and “Flat-Ground” trampolines. All BERG trampolines are built to last and require minimal maintenance.

We recommend “Flat Ground” trampolines if you want to maintain a tidy look to your garden while letting your kids (or you) have some fun. Rather than raising the trampoline on legs, you dig a hole beneath. This puts the jumping surface at ground level. As with anything, there are pluses and minuses. The flat ground trampoline is tidier. And it lets your kids play more creatively since there isn’t a need to mount the platform. The downside is that a flat ground trampoline is unsuitable for younger children as there are no protective nets to keep them within the bouncing surface.

If you have younger kids but you’d still like to have a lower profile, you can also consider BERG’s “In-Ground” range of trampolines. These also have the jumping surface at ground level, but they come with a safety net around the edges.

BERG Dublin: Go-Kartsberg dublin

Our range of Berg Go-Karts caters for kids aged from ten months to twelve years old. For the youngest, we have the Berg GO² Blue. Suitable for ages 10-30 months, this tiny go-kart helps your toddler develop, starting with scooting and building up to pedalling. The pedals fold down when your child is ready to use it.

There’s a range suitable for each age group up from toddler, including themed versions for all ages, such as the “BERG Buzzy Jeep” for the youngest kids and the Berg Jeep Revolution BFR-3 for ages 5+. Most of the older kids’ Go-Karts are also compatible with the full range of accessories, which range from trailers to passenger seats, loudspeakers, pallet forks and bulldozers. It’s safe to say that there’s plenty for everyone.

Free Delivery to Dublin

We’re offering Free Delivery to Dublin for all BERG toys and accessories. Simply add what you’d like to the shopping cart, complete your order, and your kids will be in for a nice surprise within a couple of working days. If you need help choosing the right BERG toy for your kids, or you’d like more information regarding our delivery service, please give us a call on 021-4965132