Basketball Gifts For Christmas

Basketball Gifts For Christmas

As Christmas looms, it can be a struggle trying to come up with gift ideas for loved ones; especially when they don’t really know what they want themselves! Whether it’s a child or an adult, it’s easy to focus on the shiny and new technology. These are fun and have their place, but nobody needs more reasons to stay indoors staring at a computer screen. If your person has an interest in sports, then it’s no harm to encourage them to engage in outdoor sports. The great thing about basketball gifts is that if you have a net, you can practice away solo. It can be a way to get outdoors and clear your headspace. We have a range of EXIT basketball nets. Some are wall-mounted, and others have their own stand and base. Here are three ideas for Christmas (most of which come with free shipping to anywhere in Ireland).

Basketball Gifts: A Wall-Mounted Basketball Net

The entry model is the wall-mounted EXIT Galaxy basketball backboard with hoop and net. Naturally, as these are outdoor sports equipment they’re designed to hold up in all weather conditions for years. They’re built to last and continue providing enjoyment for years. The EXIT Galaxy comes in at €167.00. This model isn’t suitable for dunking. However, the next in the range, the EXIT Galaxy with Dunk Hoop, allows for a greater range of practice and play with a flexible hoop that springs back. This is available for €292.00.

A Portable Basketball Net

If you don’t have a suitable wall, you can also get a basketball hoop with its own stand; this is the EXIT Galaxy Portable Backboard. Coming in at €489.00, this is EXIT’s highest in the range, being both portable and with a dunkable hoop. Included is a counterweight system, which can hold down the net and stand so that it doesn’t topple (though you shouldn’t hang off the basketball net). As the name suggests, you can quickly move this around, taking it into your garage when it’s not in use. This is easily adjustable to five different heights, ranging from 2.3 metres to 3.05 metres.

Keep It Simple: The Basketball

A simple basketball is all anyone needs to get out, get some fresh air and move their bodies. Whether they play alone or with friends, just one basketball is all it takes to keep you occupied. The EXIT Basketball comes in the official competition size seven and costs €26.00.

We hope this gives you some ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today on 021 4965 132