BERG Go-Kart Accessories

BERG Go-Kart Accessories

BERG go-karts are top quality go-karts and of course, provide hours and hours of entertainment to children each day. A BERG go-kart looks amazing in itself but you can even make your BERG go-kart look even cooler by adding accessories to it. All BERG go-kart accessories are produced from high-quality materials and manufacturing. Due to the use of high-quality materials by BERG these accessories last for a long period of time so that children can enjoy these great accessories for a long time. BERG pride themselves on innovation and they continuously obsess over product innovation. The majority of the BERG go-kart accessories are available in different colours and styles as well as some being available in the same colours and styles as those of different types of BERG go-karts. Other accessories like the trailers, lights, mirrors and flags are designed to fit any BERG go-kart.There is a huge range of go-kart accessories available to give your go-kart that personalised touch. From general go-kart accessories to farming accessories to passenger seats to spare wheels we have a great range of products to choose from to add to your BERG go-kart.

BERG Go-Kart Accessories

General Accessories

BERG has an incredible range of go-kart accessories to personalise your go-kart to your liking and to love it even more. We have a great range of accessories available for you pimp out your go kart. We stock flashing lights, flags and fittings, covers, sirens, license plates, horns and lots more. Your go-kart will look even cooler with some of our accessories added to it.

Farm Accessories

BERG has a great range of farming accessories that can add to your go-kart to give it that real tractor and farming feeling. We want you to look and feel like the ultimate helper on the farm. All the farming accessories are designed for multiple and specific jobs on the farm. Our full range of farm accessories include;- BERG Roll Bar, BERG Exhaust, BERG Front Lifting Unit, BERG Rear Lifting Unit, BERG Lift Bucket, BERG Bulldozer Blade, BERG Pallet Fork

BERG Go-Kart Trailers

BERG Buzzy Trailer

With the BERG Buzzy trailer, you can easily take your things on the go with you. This trailer will make playing even more fun. Whatever things you have put them in the trailer and make your go-kart adventure complete. A towbar and wheel stickers are provided with this trailer. This Trailer is suitable for all BERG Buzzy’s.

BERG Buddy Trailer

The BERG Buddy trailer is really easy to attach and detach. It has a plastic tray which is strong, retains colour and will not rust. This trailer provides additional fun. You can bring along sand, toys or anything else you want to play with.The trailer will fit all Buddy go-karts, Rally Orange, and the Jeep Adventure go-karts.

BERG Large Trailer

Easily take an extra load with you on your go-kart adventure with the BERG large trailer. You can fill it with lots of toys, sports balls or even a basket of food. The BERG large trailer gives you that extra added space to take on any task or any adventure. The BERG large trailer is suitable for all big BERG go-karts. It is not suitable for the BERG Buddy or the BERG Rally go-karts.

BERG Steel Trailer

This sturdy steel trailer is easily attached to your go-kart. The trailer has a tipper function, making it easy to get your things out of the trailer. The trailer has steel edges making it extra sturdy. The BERG steel trailer can carry a maximum load of up to 40 kg. This BERG steel trailer is suitable for all big BERG go-karts.

BERG Go-Kart Passenger Seats

We have a huge range of BERG go-kart passenger seats to choose from. All the passenger seats are for different models and types of BERG go-karts as well as coming in different colours. Different seats and different go-karts have unique attachments and designs meaning not all seats fit all go-karts. Each seat has a different maximum load it can carry.

BERG Go-Kart Spare Wheels

We have matching spare wheels available especially for the BERG X-Cross, the BERG Safari, the BERG Jeep and the BERG X-Plore. A spare wheel will come in handy when you experience a flat tyre and will also make your go-kart look super cool and feeling new again.The spare wheels can easily be clipped on to the back of your go-kart.